What our clients say

We are grateful to the family members who have taken the
time to share their experiences with Quality Cleanouts and for expressing their appreciation for the peace of mind we
were able to bring them.

Here are letters from some of our clients:

I wanted to take a second to thank you both very much for your kind and thoughtful attention to detail and the task at hand yesterday at the “Vennera” pack up. Your ability to stay focused while navigating around the various items and people in your way is a talent few could ever possess.

My Grandmother was very happy she made the decision to call in the professionals and she feels very fortunate it was you (Donna and John of Quality Cleanouts NY). She said “It was like having family helping me pack, actually even better, because they listened to me.”

— Joe Vennera, Woodhaven, NY

Thank you, Quality Cleanouts, for helping me clear out my late wife’s belongings… it’s taken me six years just to open her closets. Your kindness will never be forgotten.
— Charles S., Sea Cliff, NY

On behalf of my parents, thank you for the wonderful work you did clearing out their home.   It was a difficult and lengthy job; our family very much appreciated your commitment and compassion.
— Bob Dinnerstein, Bethesda, MD

My sister and I thank you for the wonderful work you did clearing out our Dad’s apartment. He lived there for over 40 years and had accumulated large amounts of clothing, books and furniture. How you took charge and cleared it all out in three short days was amazing. With five small children and two full-time jobs between us, we couldn’t free up the time to do what you did.

We appreciated your daily phone calls to report on your progress and tell us if you found anything of value that we might have overlooked. We’re also grateful so many of his possessions were donated to worthy causes. Thank you for sparing us the emotional and physical work of winding down our Dad’s home.

— Alison & Amy Fried, Great Neck, NY

Many thanks for helping me clear out my late husband’s huge collection of books and tools, along with decades worth of clothing. It was just too big a job to do by myself. You made it easy with your patience and skill.
— Josie Marsh, Roslyn, NY

Thank you for being our “hands” when we couldn’t be there ourselves to clear out our grandparents’ home. How you managed to donate twelve bags of clothing, eight bags of blankets & linens, and three bags of shoes still astounds us. Pleasure to work with Quality Cleanouts.  
— Perez Family, Corona, NY

Ms. Furino and I have worked together on a number of cases with older adults and she has consistently shown an excellent rapport with them.  She displays empathy assisting seniors facing the stress of moving out of their homes, sorting through their belongings and having to discard items. She is patient, efficient, focused and supportive.  Having worked in the gerontology field for over 25 years, she has my utmost respect for her integrity.  
— Virginia C. Oates, RN, PORT WASHINGTON, NY

Thank you so much for the outstanding job you did in assisting my developmentally disabled brother and sister-in-law move from their home in New York to their new one in New Jersey. You organized and packed hundreds of belongings and discarded unwanted ones with such efficiency, patience, and loving care. As an added plus, you came to their new home, unpacked, organized again, and made it ready to move in. It made the transition so much easier.
You earned our trust with your kindness, integrity, and high level of professionalism. You’re the best!
— Rhoda Pedowitz, East Windsor, NJ

During a very stressful time Quality Cleanouts came and took care of the job in only two days. They were reliable, dependable and hard-working and they kept in contact during the whole job.
— Jessica Lewis, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I can’t thank Ms. Furino of Quality Cleanouts enough for helping me through the difficult task of getting my in-laws packed up to move. She was very organized, professional and offered lots of practical information to help make the move go easy. She is a pleasure to work with and truly cares for her clients. I couldn’t have done it without her.
— Denise Wilson, Seaford N.Y.