Donna Furino

About us

Quality Cleanouts is proud to be a family owned and operated service created from our own personal experiences.

We value what it means to be part of a family...and respect the many treasured memories within the walls of a home that have taken years to build. We approach each assignment with a real understanding of the uncertainty and stress you may be feeling because we have been there.

Years ago, after my Dad passed, my Mom’s physical capabilities began to slowly decline. During those challenging years, everything possible was done to help her age in place. Eventually, it became necessary for her to move into a nearby nursing home where she lives today.

Handling the disposition of my parents’ personal possessions and household furnishings was daunting and consuming. The details were endless. I spearheaded all of the decluttering, organizing, sorting, appraising, donating and disposing of many years’ worth of possessions.

Quality Cleanouts is born

During that time, I learned how critical it is to have support.  I also met many people - mostly seniors - who were on their own. Either they weren’t close to their families (geographically or emotionally), or their relatives had predeceased them.  Over and over, I heard comments that my Mom was so lucky to have someone like me to look after things for her. 

I soon realized I wanted to share the same organizational comfort and support I had given my parents by offering services that could help others during their own or their loved ones’ life transitions. Now with over a decade of servicing clients throughout Long Island, Brooklyn & Queens, Quality Cleanouts fills a critical need for people who don’t have the time, the ability, or the inclination to handle what we do best. And that’s what makes us shine!

We understand what matters

Organization Affiliations:

  • Adrian's Network
  • Gerontology Professionals of NY
  • 516/

We will coordinate donations to local charities, carefully pack and unpack all belongings, manage the moving process, handle shipping requests, and arrange for the disposal of any unwanted items. Quality Cleanouts is committed to bringing our expertise, energy and enthusiasm to each unique situation...always with your input and direction. It’s our mission to provide you with amazing results and peace of mind.